Lending Tree just released a study that reviewed purchase loan requests for primary homes in all 50 states from October 2016 to October 2017.

Florida was the #1 destination to move to for a primary home for 18 of the 50 states. We all know people like to vacation here in our beautiful state and we also have known people like to retire here. Florida is just a great place to live!

Bottom line is Florida is in and Vermont is out. And Floridians that want to leave Florida, choose Georgia more than any other state.

9.14% of all purchase requests were for people looking to move to Florida. Texans seem to like Texas. 92.54% of purchase mortgage requests in Texas were from individuals wanting to stay in Texas. Michigan and the second largest percentage that wanted to stay in their home state. Meanwhile, Vermont had the lowest percentage of residents looking to stay in their state.

The following is a top list of states — and the percentage of people looking to leave — where Florida is the top destination:

  • Vermont — 24 percent
  • New York  — 20 percent
  • Connecticut — 19 percent
  • Maryland — 19 percent
  • New Jersey — 18 percent
  • Illinois — 15 percent
  • Pennsylvania — 13.5 percent
  • Maine — 13 percent
  • Iowa — 12 percent
  • Wisconsin  — 11.5 percent
  • Kentucky — 11 percent
  • Alabama  — 10 percent  
  • Tennessee — 11 percent
  • Indiana  — 10.1 percent
  • Georgia — 9 7 percent
  • Ohio — 9.7 percent  
  • Minnesota — 9 percent
  • Texas — 7.5 percent

Hopefully the map below won't confuse your sense of geography. It's showing by state where the majority of the mortgages requested are for out of state (where they'd like to move). Overall, most people didn’t want to move too far if they did want to move out of state. LendingTree found more than half of the most popular new destination states bordered the applicant’s current state of residence.